Why you should use calendars in your marketing mix

• No wasteful circulation. Directed to specific people.
• Low cost per reader impression.
• Delivers a favorable sales message.
• Given only to those people in locations the advertiser chooses.
• Circulation is pin-pointed where it will be the most effective.
• People need and want calendars.
• Calendars are permitted to operate where no other form of advertising is tolerated.
• Repetition is the soul of successful advertising.
• Represent the advertiser 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
• Continuous display of advertising message for a full year at a modest cost.
• Every home has at least 3 calendars.
• Every business has at least 2.
• 61.4% of calendars in the home and 76% in a business are promotional vehicles.
• 63% of people still choose a printed calendar over a digital version.
• 75 – 77% can remember the advertiser's message.

Calendars satisfy the three basic business needs

• Identity: Delivers to the public who, what and where of a business.
• Insurance: Appreciation and thanks to customers
• Invitation: Invites people to do business with them.


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